Anthony FiumaraAnthony Fiumara

Anthony Fiumara

Nederland, Amsterdam, 04-01-2015
Anthony Fiumara, Nederlandse componist, die moderne klassieke muziek componeert. Daarnaast is hij musicoloog die zich inzet voor het hedendaagse klassieke muziekleven.

Anthony Fiumara (1968) enjoys composing tailor-made music. Working as a music journalist for the last twenty years, he covers all the musical trends, past and present. As a composer, Anthony 

feels most at home  with (post-) minimal music. Which means to him: emphasizing the beauty of sound, the elegance of movement and melody.

Next to his compositional and journalistic work, Anthony is also an organizer: he was artistic director of Orkest De Volharding, Compagnie Bischoff and Lunapark. He established the Amsterdam Electric Guitar Heaven festival. Anthony is equally familiar with pop music, making new arrangements from Aphex Twin and Massive Attack tracks. He is also an active member of the dance duo Room808.