Chiel MeijeringChiel Meijering

Chiel Meijering

Chiel Meijering studied composition with Ton de Leeuw, percussion with Jan Labordus and Jan Pustjens, and piano at the conservatory of his home town, Amsterdam. He is one of the most performed composers in the Netherlands.

Meijerings' work is characterized by large stylistic varieties. He seems to move effortlessly between musical genres, creating a different texture for each of his works. Some are reminiscent of pop, jazz or world music, but others are written in a classical tradition or have avant-garde elements.

Meijering attracts a large audience; not only in the Netherlands but also internationally. His music reaches a high level of artistry, while remaining catchy and accessible to a wide public. This is a rare combination in contemporary music and it has helped him become established in the field of serious music, but also and above all in the international classical music world.

A great fan of his music, Queen Beatrix, commissioned him to write music on the occasion of the celebrations of her 60th anniversary.  Without doubt, Meijering can be described as one of the most popular and famous representatives of contemporary Dutch music.