Daan MannekeDaan Manneke

Daan Manneke

Daan Manneke (1939) has written some 250 compositions for diverse instrumentations and ensembles. For example, Babel (1985) for six orchestras, music for a barrel organ, a large number of choral and organ works, chamber music (including three string quartets) carillon pieces, opera, etc. He is one of the most performed Dutch composers and many of his works have been recorded on some 36 CDs.

For decades he was senior lecturer composition at the Amsterdam Conservatory, and in the 1980s he established a class for talented 

young composers. He was awarded with several important prizes in  recognition for his work as a lecturer, conductor and composer. He received the royal distinction of Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. Music journalist Siebe Riedstra referred to Manneke as the 'Twentieth century Sweelinck.'

Daan Manneke about his work:

"Key feature of my entire oeuvre is the phenomenon of 's p a c e .' First of all, the physical space where music sounds. Inside or outside, a resounding or dry area. Living room, square, cathedral or factory hall. 

In all of these circumstances, space is sort of a resonance box- soundboard-singing bowl.  Many of my works are also spatial in terms of musical content: hybrid, non-consistent shapes, musical quotes, numerous textures and various musical languages."