Katarina GlowickaKatarina Glowicka

Katarina Glowicka

Donemus Katrina Glowicka

The Polish-Dutch composer Katarina Glowicka explores the stylistic points of a possible connection between classical, ambient, folk and minimalism. Dubbed “the next star from the East” (“Junge Welt”), she entered the international arena with her album “Red Sun”(Bolt Records, 2014).

Her works have been commissioned by renowned international ensembles and soloists, like the BBC Scottish Ensemble, Ensemble Recherche, Holland Symfonia, European Contemporary Orchestra among others. She has collaborated with leading artists, both classical and avant-garde, among others with French musician/dj/turntablist Philppe Petit.

Glowicka's works have been performed in America, Europe and Australia, at renowned festivals like Wien Modern, the Venice Biennale, Warsaw Autumn, Gaudeamus Music Week and the World New Music Days.