Klas TorstenssonKlas Torstensson

Klas Torstensson

Swedish born composer Klas Torstensson has been a resident of the Netherlands since 1973. Nature, especially of the far north, is the major influence of his works. The northern lights, ice, water, wind ... Historical figures and events are also an important source of inspiration. Impressive examples include his portraits of tragic women (Queen Christina, Rosa Luxemburg and Frida Kahlo in his song cycle 'In Großer Sehnsucht') and a fantastic expedition to the North Pole in 1897 (opera 'De Expeditie'); love, death, hardships and gruelling trips ...

His compositions - ranging from small vocal or instrumental solo pieces and chamber music to large-scale ensemble and orchestral works - are extremely colorful and compelling.

Klas Torstensson isn’t guided by doctrines nor hypes and is averse to jokes because he believes that humor and music are not particularly well-suited. Many of his compositions have been awarded internationally and are performed worldwide.