Matthias KadarMatthias Kadar

Matthias Kadar

Matthias Kadar, composer and singer, is notable for his unique musical language and pronounced compositional style. Kadar studied composition with Christian Lauba in Bordeaux and Theo Loevendie at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

He composed some 250 works which have been performed all over the world. He has been commissioned, among others, by the Budapest Festival Orchestra conducted by Iván Fischer, the NSO by Jurjen Hempel, Nederlands Kamerkoor, 'National Committee 4 and 5 May' for the Dutch National Remembrance Day, Nationaal Jeugdkoor, Dutch National Opera, David Kweksilber Bigband and musicians like Marcel Beekman, Iván Fischer, Maarten Koningsberger and Isidor Lateiner.

Matthias Kadar on his music:

"As a composer, I continuously search for lyricism, atmosphere and sound color. Texts and poems play a significant role: they inspire me with the sound and melody of the specific language, and are often the basis of my instrumental work.

Both in my contemporary compositions for voice as well as in my chansons, the music is dictated by the language: through the prosody, the meaning and the ‘weight’ of words and sentences, but also because of the specific musical characteristics of a language like sound, melody and rhythmic accentuation.

In my songs, music will always sustain the text. Words should be comprehensible from the start until the last sentence and the music has to convey the emotional weight of the text."