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Maxim Shalygin

Donemus Maxim Shalygin

Maxim Shalygin is a clever and versatile composer who writes chamber, vocal, symphonic and electro-acoustic music. He also composes music for theatre, ballet and film. His talent attracted the attention of reviewers and audiences after an honorable mention at the legendary Gaudeamus competition and his participation in the Gesamt project by Lars von Trier in 2012.

The distinctive feature of his creativity is a mix of techniques enriched with psychological insight and spirituality, so often lacking in contemporary music. As a young composer, Shalygin worked with ensembles like Asko|Schönberg, DoelenKwartet, Insomnio, Kyiv Soloists, Nieuw Ensemble, Slagwerk Den Haag and Lonneke van Leth Ballet Production. He was composer-in-residence for IZOLYATSIA, a  platform for cultural initiatives (Donetsk, Ukraine) and during the Storioni Festival (Brabant, the Netherlands).