Piet-Jan van RossumPiet-Jan van Rossum

Piet-Jan van Rossum


Piet-Jan van Rossum is a film and book collector. His interest in the unimaginable and unseen has occasionally led him to monasteries. His oeuvre of almost 90 compositions shows interest in people and their, as well as his own struggle, with existential questions.

As a member of Lunatree since 2014, a new music ensemble, he composes, puts together programs and operates the soundmixer. As chairman of the union COMPOSER96, he was involved in the merger with the New Association of Dutch Composers.

Piet-Jan studied with Louis Andriessen, who once told him after a premiere: "You are doing things that nobody else dares to do." 

Writing in any style that enthrals him, he has a unique signature. His motto: why yell when you can whisper, and try to say the most with the least possible means. His music is performed all over the world.