Sonja SchwederskySonja Schwedersky

Sonja Schwedersky

Sonja Schwedersky writes music for children, music students, ensembles, orchestras, choirs and even opera. Her tonal music appeals to a wide audience.

Her CD "Pablo Neruda" was released in 2014; five songs set to poetry written by the famous Chilean Neruda. Other works on this CD include Caprice for violin and piano, The Unfaithful for cello and strings and Ziganette for viola and strings.

Recently she wrote a guitar concerto for Maarten Oomes, winner of the Princess Christina Concours 2014.

In 2015 "Little Hands" written especially for 6-year old Klara Khomskill (known as the Mozart Girl) premiered during the festival Klassiek op het Amstelveld in Amsterdam. Schwedersky was awarded the Signature Music Prize 2016 in the USA for her entire oeuvre.

She is currently working on a violin concerto for violinist Martin de Deugd and the full-length opera "Anna Karenina” in collaboration with librettist Quirijn de Lang.  

Whether you're an amateur or professional, Sonja would be delighted to create a composition corresponding to your event or playing level.