Willem BoogmanWillem Boogman

Willem Boogman

Willem Boogman studied composition at the conservatories of Amsterdam and The Hague, but considers his participation in the Asko Ensemble Workshop Project (a collaboration of instrumentalists and composers) as his best learning experience. He is artistic director of Asko Chamber Choir, an amateur choir specializing in contemporary choral music.

He has written orchestral music (Radio Philharmonic Orchestra), ensemble music (Asko Ensemble, Slagwerk Den Haag, Spectra Ensemble), choral music (Nederlands Kamerkoor), incidental music  (Warns Theatre company), music for theatre (with director Sandra Macrander), songs and solo pieces.

His musical ideas are directly related to today’s world.  The sound of stars, the time of day, a dance, the eternal joy of love: topics we all share.

In his most abstract music he creates reference points for the listener, and in his most accessible music he plays with the unknown: something you have never heard before.